Welcome to Paddock to Garment


Paddock to Garment, in the beautiful  Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, is an Alpaca and Silk Farm with a Spinning and Weaving Studio & Gallery/Shop, run by Karen Grady & Gordon Drake.

The Paddock the farm was founded in 2012 on property that has been in the family for four generations.  We started with two alpacas and a spinning wheel. Today there is a small herd of alpacas, 23 mulberry trees, more silk worms then we can count, two weaving looms, sewing machines and a dedicated solar powered Studio & Gallery/Shop.

The Garments are an eclectic mix of alpaca and silk, sometimes with locally sourced up-cycled items. The garments are created for citizens of the world. People who love luxury fibres, people who are inquisitive, people who appreciate an item made by an artisan and are capable of understanding the true value of classically unique.  The garments are created for people who love timeless design - they are, forever garments.

Paddock to Garment starts with outstanding raw materials from our property: we try to ensure that much of what goes into a garment comes from our land. The up-cycled items used in garments are sourced locally in support of our local charities. It is ethical fashion: fashion with a conscience. All items are designed and created on site, with the fleece & fibre producers just metres away. The best of raw materials, innovative but simple designs, lots of craftsmanship and work, and a passion for what is beautiful.

Studio Gallery Visits and Weaving Classes

"Begin weaving" workshop ($285.00 pp) - Two day weaving workshop. You will learn what yarns to use, how to wind a warp, warp the loom, weaving structures and much more.  You will weave a take home piece. Limited to two per class, hands-on, on either a Leclerc Nilus II eight shaft floor loom, or Schacht Baby Wolf four shaft floor loom (both beautiful modern looms).  


Studio Gallery Visits - The farm Studio Gallery is Open Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm. Other times are by appointment. If you would like to feed the alpacas and see how the farm & process works, or are looking for that special gift, please feel free to drop in or give us a call.

Contact us for details.

Latest Happenings

A very happy student in a recent weaving class.